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Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Many self-employed people attempt to complete their annual self-assessment tax returns by themselves, but there are many benefits from having an accountant do this for you:


  1. Reduce your tax liability.

  2. Save you time.

  3. Prevent tax penalties and fines.


There are three key items we need from you in order to complete your tax return:


  • UTR Number (If not registered we can let you know how to do this)

  • Details of income received in the tax year

  • Details of expenditure during the tax year.

Simply tell us what your income is and where it comes from, whether it be from employment, self-employment or other sources such as property, savings or dividends. We’ll do all the paperwork and tell you how much you are due to pay or be refunded for.


We also produce Annual Accounts for Sole Traders and prepare and submit your self-assessment for you.

We can ensure you are claiming all of the relevant expenses relating to your business. We make the necessary submissions to HMRC on time and provide reminders for payment dates.

Prices from £180

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