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Don't hang around, get your 2020 Self-Assessment in hand now!

During the lockdown for Covid-19, many self-employed business owners have found themselves sat at home and unable to work as normal.

With all this newfound free-time we've discovered there are actually so many things to do; like finish things around the house, go out for daily walks and adventures, do some spring cleaning, homebaking, and if you have children of course there's the home schooling to contend with.

And then there's the stress and worry about the business being able to stay afloat. Hopefully everyone has applied for the various forms of State Aid they are eligible for and this should provide you with a little respite for now.

Now is the perfect opportunity to get all your admin in order, go through your filing, organise and plan for the months ahead, build relationships with your customers and seek new referrals.

Something that can help alleviate the worry is to know what your self-assessment liability is.

Your 2019-20 Self-Assessment Tax Return bill is payable by 31st January 2021 but wouldn't it be nice to know just now how much you'll be due to pay?

If you have all your 2019-2020 figures available why not fill-out our form and we can provide you with a quote to complete and submit your self-assessment for you?

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