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Value Added Tax - VAT

HMRC VAT form and calculator.

Are you VAT registered? Should you be VAT registered? Not sure - well let us help!


If your turnover exceeds £85k* in any 12-month period then you must be registered for VAT.

If your business is VAT registered, you are legally required to record and report your VAT electronically to HMRC under the Making Tax Digital legislation. Although this sounds scary it really needn’t be; we can help you implement the required software to record and report it to HMRC.


Mistakes on your VAT return can be very costly, not to mention the heavy penalty fees they can apply if your VAT return is late. At SBS Accountancy we will ensure that all your business transactions are recorded accurately and in a timely manner to allow us to produce your quarterly VAT return for your approval before we submit it to HMRC.


We will work closely with you to complete your VAT returns, ensuring that these are completed on time to avoid any penalty and interest charges. VAT is a tricky area and can be routinely investigated my HMRC.


Prices vary depending on the volume of transactions.

VAT Return work covers an audit of your transactions to ensure each transaction has been accounted correctly for VAT. Contact us today to discuss your VAT requirements further.

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